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The very first issue of LPM was published in September 2005 by local resident, Heather Tebay.

Heather Tebay

A very simple, 20 page, black and white photocopied offering was delivered under the guise of “Park Lane People” into just 2,500 homes up and off Park Lane. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and now appears every month as “Local People Macclesfield” – small but very colourful, glossy and hitting the 72 page mark more or less each time!

Furthermore, over our new two issue cycle, we now reach through 31,500 individual doors plus more besides (see under Coverage in our Advertising section).

Sherree Lawrence

As a result, we now have our own team of dedicated freelance delivery agents ranging in age from 13 to, let’s say, 80+ … and the very organised Sherree Lawrence has joined Heather in the office. Unfortunately, she’s not managed to cure Heather’s untidy streak completely as yet, but we’re working on it!!

Local People Magazines Ltd is a totally independent business. It’s not part of a large corporation and it’s not a franchise. And as we’ve always said since 2005, it’s RUN by genuinely local people FOR local people.

The aim of LPM has always been to serve the communities into which it is distributed and to help local companies and traders generate more business through highly cost effective, truly local and attractive advertising that actually works.  Studies show that people like to “buy local” whenever possible and residents of Macclesfield and surrounding areas have LPM as a free reference guide to enable them to do just that.  It has become a trusted ‘go-to’ source of not only local business contacts but also local community information.

That said, it’s not just a stuffy directory or tatty newspaper full of business ads.   By dedicating around 40 – 50% of each issue to a heady mixture of interesting and varied editorial and extra content, we aim to make the magazine both entertaining and a worthwhile read as well as a useful source of relevant information.  This means that it is not instantly discarded but kept around the house until the next one appears, ensuring longevity of exposure for our advertisers.  As we say – no cat litter here!!

Look at our latest copy online by clicking on the front cover on our Home Page to see what we mean.

Finally, we pride ourselves on being helpful, friendly and professional towards our advertisers and readers alike and always try to go that ‘extra mile’.  This is the advantage of being local – we are visible and accountable.  We know a lot of local people and a lot of local people know us!!

Thinking of advertising but wondering by now whether it must cost a lot to go through all those 31,500+ doors … take a look at our Advertising page and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!


You’re probably thinking by now that it must cost a lot to go through all those doors… Why not take a look at our Advertising Page and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

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