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Why advertise specifically in Local People Macclesfield?

Over our two issue cycle, LPM gets directly through over 31,500 individual doors plus more besides, in Macclesfield and the surrounding areas – do you want to do that too?

These days, the options for marketing your business are almost limitless and have come a long way from just putting a listing into the Yellow Pages and relying on word of mouth.  There are networking groups of all shapes and sizes, social media, online directories, radio advertising and every so often, the latest and ‘only thing’ that all businesses ‘must do’ in order to market their business.

Local People Macclesfield presents an alternative.  We believe that, whilst the obvious online methods are important, with every single issue we can testify to the fact that print advertising is not dead.  In fact, it’s thriving!  Every year since we started out, our business has grown and we believe there is a simple reason for that …. businesses want to reach out to their prospects in a way that’s not only targeted but also genuine, trustworthy and relationship-building.  It’s a lot more difficult to do that online so we think that print advertising is still ‘where it’s at’ and, given that advertising in LPM can give you access to over 31,500 households (households, not readers … that would be a much bigger figure but we can’t measure that accurately and we won’t quote something we can’t quantify unlike other less scrupulous publications) … that’s no surprise!

There is strong evidence that local services are preferred by the majority of the population. Our own experience since 2005 is true testament to this theory.  We know that local advertising is effective as many of our advertisers have been with us for 7 years or more (and indeed, a certain Mr Taylor has been in every single issue bar one, that’s over 130 to date!).  By producing a high quality, readable publication whilst trying to keep advertising costs as low as possible, we aim to provide the ideal vehicle for every size of company with every size of budget with the ultimate goal of helping to put their business at the heart of the local community.

Local and national businesses choose to advertise monthly in LPM because they enjoy real results through its tried and tested approach.  A proven recipe for success!

Local People Macclesfield Coverage

We believe LPM has the biggest distribution of any other similar print medium based in Macclesfield, concentrated into the smallest area – giving you statistically the best chance of success!

From our April 2019 issue, we extended the total ‘through the door’ reach of our magazine by around another 8,000, bringing the total number of individual homes and businesses reached up to around 31,500.

So, each month, we now deliver out through around 18,000 doors – a core area of around 4,500 plus an extra reach of around 13,500 doors which alternates between two distinct areas each month. Each month, the magazine is a completely new version – new front cover, new articles, new community section, etc.

The ‘Core Area’ consists of most of Tytherington plus the top part of Park Lane and roads off it in Macclesfield – call us sentimental, but this is a bit of a ‘homage’ to our original two magazines, Park Lane People and The Tytherington Directory! Households and businesses here will receive the magazine every month. Then …

Month A (April, June, August, October, December, February) will now see us go through doors in Bollington, Bosley and Rushton Spencer, Adlington and Upton Priory, as well as our old haunts of Prestbury, Bollinbarn, Buxton Road / Larkhall / Black Road areas, Hurdsfield, Sutton, Langley, Rainow plus the core area above.

Month B (May, July, September, November, January, March), we are now going through doors in Chelford, Henbury, Whirley, Greenside, Broken Cross, Victoria Road area, Chester Road area, town rounds, bottom of Park Lane and roads off, Ivy Road/Lane, Weston estate, Thornton Square area, Congleton Road, Moss estate, London Road, Lyme Green and Gawsworth plus the core area again.

More copies of every issue are still deposited in the Town Hall Visitor Information Centre, Macclesfield Library, Macclesfield railway station and at other collection points, so you need never miss out even though you may not always get it through your door! We have also introduced a subscription service should you wish to have a copy of the issue that is not delivered direct to you popped in the post. Just phone the office for more information.

To sum up, this means that over two issues, your advert will be printed around 36,000 times and go directly through around 31,500 different doors (because some lucky people will get it both months!). For this reason, we have introduced a minimum booking of two issues so that you will feel the benefit of the total distribution, even if you decide to only go in once with your ad.


You’re probably thinking by now that it must cost a lot to go through all those doors… Why not contact us now and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

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