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At Local People Macclesfield we strive to provide the highest level of service for our customers.

We do not adopt a ‘hard sell’ approach but – if you are not sure what you want –  we prefer to understand a little about your business before making a recommendation on the best advertising option for you.  Indeed, we would generally recommend going for something smaller but running it over a number of issues, rather than a bigger splash in just one.  Repetition breeds recognition, so the theory goes!  Our rate card gives the basic prices for advertising in two, four or six plus issues, but we can also tailor a package of advertising specifically to you and your business if necessary, including mixing the sizes of ad within a series and/or including advertorial within the space booked.

Our rates vary according to the size of advert required, how many issues you would like to book into and whether or not you would like a ‘premium’ page. The minimum booking is now two issues since this will get you into the whole of our distribution area at least once (as we alternate coverage over two issues, as previously explained).

We also have sponsorship available for certain editorial pages – please ask for more information.  If you book into a minimum of 6 issues, we will also offer some free editorial space in one of those issues to the same size as your advertisement.

The front cover, inside front cover, centre pages, inside back cover and back cover are designated as ‘premium pages’ and are generally booked up months in advance.  However, please always let us know if you are interested as sometimes we can slot you in if we have a cancellation.

If you would like a copy of our Rate Card, please fill in your details in the form opposite and we will forward a copy on to you.

If you already know what you are after and would like a specific quote, please use our Online Calculator.

Payment & Invoicing

Once a booking has been made, we will issue an invoice from our automated system.  We prefer to send by email, but can send by post if required.

We accept payment by bank transfer (preferred method – all details on invoice), credit or debit card over the telephone, cheque or cash for single issue payments or payment up front for multi issue bookings or by Direct Debit (Go Cardless) for multi issue bookings paid per issue.

For single issue adverts, full payment must be received by the booking deadline or as notified by us if booking is taken after the deadline.   Multi issue bookings must be paid by Direct Debit (Go Cardless) or by arrangement.

All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.  See our Terms and Conditions for further details.


You’re probably thinking by now that it must cost a lot to go through all those 31,500+ doors… Well, take a look at our Advertising Page and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

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