In addition to offering our printed advertising service, we can also deliver your own leaflets and flyers alongside our magazine.

We only allow a maximum of three (although this is rare!) to go out with the magazines to ensure you get the best exposure possible and these will always be different types of business.

You are obviously limited to when and where our mags are being delivered to but you do benefit from the cost saving involved.

The way it works is that we provide you with a list of our individual rounds which range from around 300 up to over 1,000.  You pick out where you want to go, we add up the numbers and charge you at a cost of £40+vat per 1,000 pro rata.

This is for a standard, A5 single thickness flyer.  Leaflets and full payment must be received by us two days before delivery commences.  If your flyer is of any other size or specification, please just get in touch and we will quote accordingly.

Design & Print

If you would like to have some leaflets designed and printed for your own use but are not sure how to go about it, we can probably help with that too!

Depending on the design required, we will either do it ourselves or sub-contract to one of our associated graphic designers.

We will charge a one-off, extremely reasonable design fee plus a cost for printing which will be the best price we can find for the amount, size and paper weight you require at the time plus a small admin fee.

If you are interested, just contact us on 01625 265551 to discuss.


You’re probably thinking by now that it must cost a lot to go through all those 31,500+ doors… Well, take a look at our Advertising Page and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

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