Artwork & Deadlines

Advertising Artwork

We prefer to receive your artwork in one of the following formats: High resolution JPEG, print ready PDF, MS Publisher or MS Word.

We don’t like dealing with ads made in MS Powerpoint but if this is all you have, please speak to us first!

All fonts should be embedded, all images must at a minimum of 300dpi and colours should be CMYK.

For sizes of ads, please see our Size Chart below.

If you don’t have your own artwork, we can help by producing it for you!  We reserve the right to make a modest charge depending upon the size of ad booked, length of booking and the complexity of the required artwork.

If we do design your ad, then you may not use it in any other publication without our written permission, particularly if we have purchased images to use in the artwork on your behalf, and we reserve the right to make a charge for releasing the advertisement to a third party.

All ready-made artwork must be received by the booking deadline (see below) or by arrangement with us if that is not possible.

If you would like us to produce your artwork, please let us know in good time, preferably a few days before the deadline, then we have time to get it just right for you.

Advertising Deadlines

Booking deadlines for reserving your space in the required issue are as below, followed by the date of commencement of delivery.  Please note that it takes around a week to get all copies out through doors.


You’re probably thinking by now that it must cost a lot to go through all those 31,500+ doors… Well, take a look at our Advertising Page and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

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